09 Oct

Top Tips On Designing A New Wet Room

For many people, their kitchen is essentially the heart of the house. If this is true, then the bathroom has to be the soul! A good bathroom should be a place where you get to stay alone when you need to refresh in the morning with a soothing shower or wind down in the evening after a long and hectic workday.

With the right information, you can do your wet room or bathroom installation. The first thing to consider when installing a bathroom is the size. The size of your bathroom is what determines the amount of work that you need to do, tools, and the best designs to use. Installing a bathroom or redesigning an existing bathroom is such an exciting task that can pose so many questions, so you might as well be wondering where to begin. You need to consider many things to get the perfect bathroom that will not just be a place for a quick shower, but also your solace. Doncaster Bathrooms can help you with your new wet room.

The under-listed are tips to help you design your bathroom:

Choosing Your Layout

The bulk of bathroom floor plans fit into one of three broad categories: one, two or three wet-wall layouts. A wet-wall refers to your fitting style. That is, how you plumb your bath, shower, toilet, and basin into the bathroom. Your wet-wall layout determines where to run the plumbing lines and pipes to fittings. A one-wet-wall layout is one that has the sink, toilet and shower fitted along the same wall in the bathroom. With a two-wet-wall layout, you can reduce any limitations you might have with a one-wet-wall layout, by plumbing your shower in one wall, and your shower and sink in another wall. The three-wet-wall layout allows you to plumb the toilet, sink and shower onto three different walls. Of the three layout styles, the one-wet-wall layout is the most cost effective due to the simple plumbing required.

Shower System

If you are looking to preserve space, you should use a shower instead of a bathtub (a bathtub takes up a lot of space). There is a drastic change in the design of shower systems used in wet rooms – to the benefit of both the users of the wet rooms and the installers. Modern showers now come fitted with smooth rounded corners and visual interface, with the most advanced electric showers also fitted with Bluetooth to provide a flawless mix of style, safety and smart technology.

Don’t Put Your Bathroom In Disarray

You do not have to stockpile everything in your bathroom. Make sure you only include the things that you need the most in your bathroom. You can include things like shampoos, towels, and shower gels. You should keep any item that you infrequently use in a cabinet next to the bathroom. This will create more space for you and make your bathroom looking organized.

Utilize The Bathroom Walls

You can use your bathroom walls as storage space. You should probably avoid installing cabinets that take up too much of your floor space. Also, for the sake of your safety, be mindful of installing cabinets too high up in your bathroom. Having vertical cabinets with an open design on your bathroom walls will create an illusion of more space. With their design, you can use them for storage and decorative purposes.