14 Jun

What to keep in mind when glazing your house

Glass designs can be the most intricate and appealing features of a home, however, for this same reason they can often be the most difficult aspects to repair. Glazing intricate designs is no easy task and often requires a professional glazer to ensure that it is done correctly. The glazing process involves cutting, installing and removing glass according to the specifications provided. However for simple breaks you may find it easier to repair the glass yourself than to hire outside help. While it can be a fun home improvement project it can also have more components that may not have been anticipated. Here are a few items you should keep in mind when completing your next glazing project.

Functional or design – When getting an area glazed you should keep in mind whether design or function is of most important or maybe even both. In some cases for example, repairing a window, the design or aesthetics of the glass feature may not be of utmost importance. Instead, more concern may be placed in ensuring that the glass is sturdy and cannot be broken as easily (which could be achieved by double-glazing). However if you are glazing a kitchen cupboard or event and cabinet door, you may find that the design and look of the glass is important. Additionally in some homes, stained glass may have been a major feature of the house, so you may want to get  a professional with experience in that area to complete the repair rather than take on the project on your own. Therefore to retain the character and charm of the home you will want to spend effort to ensure that the design of the glass is done tastefully.

Glazing tools – Due to the complexity of the glazing process, the right tools need to be obtained in order to ensure that the work is completed safely and effectively. For larger projects it may be best to consider hiring a professional glazier as the project may need more heavy duty, industrial machinery. However for smaller, minor repairs such as cracks or chips homeowners can easily complete the tasks with the right tools. The standard tools needed for a glazing project include a heat gun, knifer, putty and sander. To tackle a chipped glass surface, the area will be softened in order to remove the glass. Once this has been removed any glazing compound on the surface will have to be removed. The surface will then have to be made smooth in order to meld the old and new surfaces together. Getting the right tools for the job in most cases is half the work, and in the long run end up giving you much more savings by doing the project yourself.

Type of glazing – when reglazing a surface you must first determine what type of glaze needs to be used. The most commonly used are latex or oil based glazes. Latex is easier to work with, however oil glazes have a more professional and refined look. When using oil it must first be heated and then applied to the glass surface in order to be molded. The latex glaze on the other hand is easy to spread over but it takes a long time to completely dry throughout.  If you are not sure what type to use stop by you nearest home improvement store and ask for suggestions. Make sure that you take a minute to think this through before starting your project.

Protective equipment – Before commencing any work on glass it is important that you purchase the proper protective gear. Although it goes without saying, working with glass can be very dangerous and a tiny slip or crack can cause major damage. For most home improvements projects involving glass you will need a pair of protective glasses and thick gloves. In some instances persons apply heat to the area in order to make the glass easier to work with, however it is critical that care be taken prevent heat from being applied to flammable material. Fire can spread very quickly and cause unintended damage to the home. Take the extra time to ensure that you have the right equipment in place to reduce damage and prevent injury.

Budget – make no mistake about is, glazing can be a costly endeavor. Especially if the area to be glazed has specific requirements or needs a special type of glass. Too often persons chose to select glazing services based on which one ends up being the cheapest, however this is a narrow-sighted view. When it comes to things like glazing, you are investing the value of the home. Glass designs and features often create a beautiful environment that attracts a range of persons. Therefore in the event that you have to sell your home, spending that extra money for quality will go a long way in getting better return. Moreover, when you are living in a house the worse feeling is waking up every day and looking at a feature that was not finished properly. It can create and eye sore or even make you feel uncomfortable whenever you catch sight of it. Now I am not encouraging overspending, however I am encouraging you to ensure you select quality services rather that blindly selecting the cheaper option.

Although glazing can appear to be a simple task, it can quickly become complicated depending on the type of material being used and the complexity of the design. Repairing broken glass in window or doors can be a fun challenge for regular do-it-yourselfers. However projects where the glass features are more involved it may be better to hire the services of a professional emergency glazier. While it may cost a little extra, the benefit in the long run will be worth the investment.Repairing items like glass increase the overall aesthetic of a home and also add a feeling of charm and character. Jot these tips down and be sure to keep them in mind the next time you complete your glazing home project.